Two Weeks that Spooked the World (Polemic/Commentary Sample)

Originally published February 14, 2017 on The Age of Drumpf.  Trump may be crass, bigoted and incompetent, but from his bully pulpit on the world stage he is actually something far worse: a catalyst for change. Sometimes when a politician says something outrageous when campaigning they actually mean it. Those eternal optimists who thought that a victorious … Continue reading Two Weeks that Spooked the World (Polemic/Commentary Sample)

Band Demo Promotion (Sample with Visual)

Important Records January 15, 2019   To whom it may concern, On behalf of Revolutionary Cells, I am pleased to submit our Soundcloud demo “Narcotized” for your signing consideration. An instrumental two-piece project from Seattle, Revolutionary Cells draw on an eclectic range of influences—post punk, noise, kraut, black metal, ambient, progressive rock and electronic music—to … Continue reading Band Demo Promotion (Sample with Visual)