Band Demo Promotion (Sample with Visual)

Important Records

January 15, 2019


To whom it may concern,

On behalf of Revolutionary Cells, I am pleased to submit our Soundcloud demo “Narcotized” for your signing consideration.

An instrumental two-piece project from Seattle, Revolutionary Cells draw on an eclectic range of influences—post punk, noise, kraut, black metal, ambient, progressive rock and electronic music—to create a sound that ranges from punchy and direct to moody and atmospheric. “Narcotized” is the band’s third full-length self-release, and our most fully developed and ambitious recording. It now serves as our defining statement, a kind of soundtrack for a cult film that doesn’t yet exist, and hopefully an indicator of our future potential. 

We believe we would be a great fit for Important Records. While our music might be slightly more “conventional” than a lot of Important artists from a songwriting standpoint, all of our tracks draw heavily on pastiche, noise and industrial elements that set us apart from other bands. As huge fans of the label and many of its artists (I am a particularly big fan as Acid Mothers Temple), we would be honored to be a part of the Important Records family.

If you are interested, you can find the streaming Soundcloud demo at:

Thank you for your time and consideration! We look forward to establishing a productive professional relationship.  If you would prefer to hear a hard copy, we can send a CD with four or five songs to your mailing address. Please let me know.


James S., Revolutionary Cells

About Revolutionary Cells

Revolutionary Cells is a Seattle-based experimental rock band combining disparate genre elements to create dreamily filmic music designed for late-night escapism. The overall mood of the band’s output is laid back paranoia.

In the spring of 2010, Revolutionary Cells began a series of recording sessions that would become the “Barium/Buenos Aires” self-release, a collection of ten songs ranging from spacious ambient tracks driven by tremolo guitar and hypnotic bass lines to energetic black metal/noise rock, to post punk grooves augmented with krautrock-style rhythms and dissonant soundscapes. The band followed up “BA” with the extended EP “Circadian Rhythm”which showcased a more propulsive and noisier sound designed to emulate daily biological cycles.

With 2018’s “Narcotized” the band has taken on a more structured, composed approach to the sound pioneered on the previous releases, with long multi-part pieces evoking a wider array of tones and moods, ranging from comically loopy to darkly ominous. This demo album represents a huge move forward for the band, one that is both more musical, diverse and better suited for live performance. As of now, the future looks bright for this Seattle two-piece.  

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