University Policy and Procedure Document (Sample)

This is one of hundreds of policy and procedure documents I produced for a major university. I have withheld specific titles and names for confidentiality purposes. 

RH New Student Applications: Parental Guarantees

Students under the age of 18 must submit Parental Guarantee forms when applying for residence hall rooms.  The Parental Guarantee form is included in the application, the application email, and a separate follow up email.  The student must print out the application, have a parent sign it, and then mail or fax it to the Student Services Office (SSO).  A room cannot be assigned until the SSO receives the form; reminders are periodically sent including the application deadline. If the form is not received by the application deadline, the room should be cancelled without charge.

Once the form has been received:

  1. Look up the student by their student number or last name.
  2. Under the PG Received attribute, change the start date to the day the Parental Guarantee form was received.  Do not add an end date.

RH Applications: Deposits by Check

Students have three payment options for residence hall deposits:

  1. Check: The student must print and fill out an online remittance form and mail or deliver in person the form and the check to Student Services.
  2. Credit: The student must fill out an online secure payment form available at the HFS website.
  3. Deposit Deferment: must be completed using cashiering procedure.

RH Applications: Returning Resident Application Process

Returning residents must apply for a room before the April 15th deadline.

  1. From February to the end of March, returning residents are contacted and informed of the process (the date the application goes live and any changes in the system), and asked to select their room.
  2. Returning students who apply before the April 15th deadline are considered priority one and can select their room.  Returning students applying after April 15th are considered lower priority and will not receive a room until all other transfers are made.
  3. Between April and the end of May, the Returning Resident procedure begins.  This process varies from year to year and is subject to change.
  4. By the end of May, applicants receive an email to confirm the requested room. At this time, returning residents may choose to pull in freshmen roommates.

RH Applications: ADA Self Selection Process

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guarantees the right to housing accommodations for students with special needs.  

Rooms with special accommodations are placed on hold and kept outside the Returning Resident process. During the application period, the Student Services Office (Erin Birkenkopf) contacts applicants with special needs and assigns them accordingly.

RH Applications: Open Room Change

Returning residents are provided a 4 day period after room selection to switch rooms online. During this period, individuals may openly exchange or pick new rooms, but only for themselves.  There are absolutely no changes permitted after the fourth day.

RH Opening: Status Letters

Status letters are sent out in mid-July and tell the student what kind of room they have been assigned.  Hardcopy letters are sent out via the mail server. There are four status letter types:

  • Special Interest Community – this letter tells the student that they have been placed in a special interest community.
  • Double and Triple Rooms
  • Late Assignment – this letter is for students who applied late, and tells them that they will receive an assignment when it becomes available but not when.
  • Waiting List – this tells the student that they have been placed on a waiting list.  Their waiting number is based on room availability and the number of applicants.

RH Opening: Assignment Letters

Assignment letters are sent out in mid-August and provide specific room information to the student applicant, including room number, address, roommate contact information, check-in time and the welcome packet.

The Student Services Office works with the word processing team to create the letters in a mail merge based on student data variables.  The letters are then sent to Mailing Services and mailed to the students.


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