Pray the Devil Back to Hell (Film Review)

Reviewed by James Slone (originally published by 2010) Charles Taylor, Liberia’s former president and warlord, was deposed in 2003. He is currently being tried in The Hague for 11 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity, including murder and mutilation of civilians (hacking off limbs and heads for example), abducting both adults and … Continue reading Pray the Devil Back to Hell (Film Review)

The International (Film Review)

Reviewed by James Slone (originally published by in 2010) Clive Owen has a knack for playing jaded men in ridiculous situations. He lumbers around onscreen with his cynical frown and tired voice, and yet holds our attention. The withering stares and ruffled shirts are offset by a glint of sympathetic earnestness in his eyes, the … Continue reading The International (Film Review)

Equity and Inclusion Problem Statement (Sample)

This was originally part of a larger proposal to fund a paid internship program. Building a truly sustainable future requires a diverse movement working together to confront environmental challenges as well as genuine buy-in from an informed, engaged and activated public. Haphazard growth, sprawling development and climate change will affect everyone, but will disproportionately impact … Continue reading Equity and Inclusion Problem Statement (Sample)

Brochure and Website Text for Introducing a New Product (Sample)

The text below is from a product launch brochure and website I produced for the University of Washington in collaboration with Coca-Cola.  Introducing Ecotainer, the world’s first ever compostable paper cold beverage drink cup made from renewable resources. Through the collaborative efforts of four partners—the University of Washington, Coca-Cola, Cedar Grove Composting, and International Paper—we now … Continue reading Brochure and Website Text for Introducing a New Product (Sample)

University Policy and Procedure Document (Sample)

This is one of hundreds of policy and procedure documents I produced for a major university. I have withheld specific titles and names for confidentiality purposes.  RH New Student Applications: Parental Guarantees Students under the age of 18 must submit Parental Guarantee forms when applying for residence hall rooms.  The Parental Guarantee form is included … Continue reading University Policy and Procedure Document (Sample)

Two Weeks that Spooked the World (Polemic/Commentary Sample)

Originally published February 14, 2017 on The Age of Drumpf.  Trump may be crass, bigoted and incompetent, but from his bully pulpit on the world stage he is actually something far worse: a catalyst for change. Sometimes when a politician says something outrageous when campaigning they actually mean it. Those eternal optimists who thought that a victorious … Continue reading Two Weeks that Spooked the World (Polemic/Commentary Sample)

Band Demo Promotion (Sample with Visual)

Important Records January 15, 2019   To whom it may concern, On behalf of Revolutionary Cells, I am pleased to submit our Soundcloud demo “Narcotized” for your signing consideration. An instrumental two-piece project from Seattle, Revolutionary Cells draw on an eclectic range of influences—post punk, noise, kraut, black metal, ambient, progressive rock and electronic music—to … Continue reading Band Demo Promotion (Sample with Visual)